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Your all natural alternative to chemicals

Northwood Naturals is a local family-owned business that offers a

line of truly natural products.

Northwood Naturals' product line was formulated to put nutrients back in the skin that a hectic lifestyle can take away. We offer a wide range of natural organically-derived products from head to toe.

Every bar of soap, lotion, cream or spray is handcrafted on-site in Northwood, NH. We use natural and certified organic ingredients, essential oils and farm fresh goat milk. You will never find Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oils or Alcohol in any of our products. We are also gluten and soy-free.

We believe in supporting the local economy. We purchase our bee's wax, raw honey, raw goat milk and the organic herbs used in our balms, soaps, lotions and creams from local New England farms.

Giving back to our local community

A portion of Northwood Naturals proceeds are donated to the "Beyond a Rainbow Fund" at Exeter Hospital Center. Donations help those who do not have insurance. The program also provides in-home care when needed.

If we don't want it on our skin, we don't want it on yours!!

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