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Hi Julie, I met you a couple of months ago and was so excited to buy your products after trying your lilac lotion. Well I'm down to my last bar of soap and need to place an order with you. At 44 years old I have finally found the right products for me and my family! yahoo! With all the chemicals in regular soap causing cancer, it's worth keeping my family healthy. Looking forward to doing a long term business with you. I just wish you sold shampoo too! I will never by a bar soap at Wal Mart again! :o) Vicky McNamara

just to let you know that I love the cream and soaps we got from you. Hope all is well.

Heather Cohen

Hi Julie ~ I'm in love with your Lavendar-Rosemary lotion. Soe Soe Thwin

I love what I got at the fair! ~ Joanne McAdam

Hi Julie, Beautiful Website! I'm still loving my lilac scented body! ~ Louise Davis, Florida> Good morning,

Good morning Julie ~

I purchased the last "Pit Stop" from you at the Hebron Fair on

Saturday along with some natural soap and insect repellent. I have to

say the Pit Stop works super, as does the goats milk soap! Haven't

tried the repellent yet, but will soon. I will be buying more products